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Designer and stylist. His work has been published in "Outlook magazine" Honkong, "City Magazine" Honkong, "Elle", "Miedzy Nami Magazyn", "Viva", and "Glamour" In 2004, he worked with Absolut Label to create a line of t-shirts; 10 designers from around the world took part, including Yazbuckey, Benoit Missolin as well as Adrian Appioloze, who is curently workingg for Chloe.

He presented his video installation during the "Nova Polska" group show in Lille, France. Marek also worked with Magda Cielecka on her image for Sara Kane's "Psychosis 4.48" at Teatr Rozmaitosci. He has designed two collections - "Open" and "Twins".